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photos that are honest authentic and pure

photos that are honest authentic and pure


Puppies and Babies

Anyone that knows me knows that I am always talking about puppies and babies--and how immensely happy they make me! So when I was asked to do shots for the Salty Dog Daycare website and t-shirt line, I was ecstatic. I entrust my fur baby to these guys and quite frankly he loves them like crazy and it makes my life a thousand times easier that I know he is safe when I have to work. (Yes, I know, I really need to learn to let go more!) I'm super excited that Salty Dog asked me to come back this Thursday April 14th. We are going to be celebrating Earth Day and doing some super cute puppy portraits!! Here are some of the shots we did at the first shoot. We will be shooting at the daycare from 8-12 so if you are part of the Salty Dog family don't forget to sign up your fur baby for a portrait!!  See you there!!

Happy Earth Day!!