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photos that are honest authentic and pure

photos that are honest authentic and pure


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A New Beginning

New beginnings--they happen over and over. I guess, or what I am hoping maybe, is that the only thing that matters is the way we deal with them when they grace us with their presence.  When I first started taking pictures a whole new world opened up, and I saw pretty clearly for the first time in a long time, a path I was supposed to follow. But there was always this voice.  You know the one...

It was scary, admitting that I wanted to give it a go, spending all the money on equipment and learning, and knowing that I would probably not be busy for awhile, and the reality that--I could just fail and fail big!!  And that voice...Everytime I heard it I would quickly convince myself I couldn't do it or would never be good enough. Looking back now the most important thing that happened during that first year or two was that I DID doubt myself at every turn, and I did fail at alot of things, because it forced me into choosing--whether I was going to try what scared the hell out of me or just stick my head in the sand and call it a day.  All that doubt, and that nasty voice in my head--I had to choose.  

Well guess what--I'm still here.

Dont get me wrong, that voice..It's there ALL THE TIME!

But now it kinda makes me mad.  Mad enough to choose to fight and even forget about some of that fear. It's been a great couple of years but now it's time time to change it up a little bit. I have so much love for everyone that has stood behind me and provided encouragement and especially to the poor souls who have helped me develop and nitpick over and over all of the details of the new branding.  I am so excited to finally put up the new website as it makes it so much more real.  So as I start off again on this newest chapter in my life I will be faced with challenges and doubt and when I am I will look at photos. Photos that are honest, authentic, and pure.  Photos that tell a story. Photos that will make time stand still and fill our hearts with great emotion.  Whether they are mine or another photographer's--it will not matter-- as long as they inspire and remind me of who I am and what I want to create. I'll leave you with just a few pictures that make me very aware of why I do keep fighting every day!

Much Love,