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photos that are honest authentic and pure


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New England Wildlife Center

A couple of months ago I went and spent some time at the New England Wildlife Center, located at 500 Columbian St. Weymouth, Ma.  I will be honest..I was in awe the more time I spent in the building.  I had no idea it was such a large operation and that it provides so much more than just medical care to the animals. When I walked in the staff was greeting an elementary school class.The class started with an introduction to the facility then they got to meet the brains behind the operation Dr Greg Mertz who is also known as the Odd Pet Vet, whose vet services are also housed in the building.  The class got a pretty cool lesson from Dr Mertz on how to examine and use scientific processes to make sure their animal was healthy and figure out what that animal might have needed for treatment. After all the kids left I got a tour of the rest of the facility which is amazing. Multiple rooms make up kind of a labyrinth of treatment rooms in which the animals are separated by breeds and treatment needs.  All of the staff (which there were alot of them to take care of all the animals) were amazing. They all went out of their way to let me in on what was going on and the why behind all of the treatments that all of the animals were receiving. The staff is clearly as dedicated to helping all of these beautiful animals as  Dr Mertz is. The center has school classes in all the time.  Please..if you looking for a great place to take your kids for a little learning, or even a birthday party, and if you are looking for a wonderful place to donate too, these people work tirelessly for the animals and rely on donations from the public!! Check out some of the pictures from that day and GO SEE THEM!